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Flagellar doublet microtubules: fractionation of minor components and alpha-tubulin from specific regions of the A-tubule. papers pdf, A simple risk score for the assessment of absolute fracture risk in general practice based on two longitudinal studies. papers pdf, The ontology of biological taxa papers pdf, Search for inhibitors of endocytosis papers pdf, Breast cancer: education, counseling, and adjustment--a pilot study. papers pdf, Sensitization of glioma cells to Fas-dependent apoptosis by chemotherapy-induced oxidative stress. papers pdf, Amyloid Beta Precursor Protein and Prion Protein Have a Conserved Interaction Affecting Cell Adhesion and CNS Development papers pdf, Age and the self-perception of ability: a twin study analysis. papers pdf, Fast neural networks without multipliers papers pdf, The zig-zag-zig in oomycete-plant interactions. papers pdf, Establishment and characterisation of six human biliary tract cancer cell lines papers pdf, Synthesis of Predictable Networks-on-Chip-Based Interconnect Architectures for Chip Multiprocessors papers pdf, Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 concentration in sera of patients with acute and chronic liver disease: relationship to disease activity and cirrhosis. papers pdf, CARMA3/Bcl10/MALT1-dependent NF-kappaB activation mediates angiotensin II-responsive inflammatory signaling in nonimmune cells. papers pdf, Clinical pharmacogenetics and potential application in personalized medicine. papers pdf, The benchmark of the EuroBen group papers pdf, UDP-rhamnose:flavanone-7-O-glucoside-2''-O-rhamnosyltransferase. Purification and characterization of an enzyme catalyzing the production of bitter compounds in citrus. papers pdf, Sublogarithmic-space turing machines, nonuniform space complexity, and closure properties papers pdf, Evidence of X-Shaped Propagation-Invariant Localized Light Waves papers pdf, Comparison of different methods for detecting epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in peripheral blood and tumor tissue of non-small cell lung cancer as a predictor of response to gefitinib papers pdf, Beliefs about medicines and self-reported adherence among pharmacy clients. papers pdf, A simulated annealing approach for buffer allocation in reliable production lines papers pdf, Autoantibodies in primary Sjögren's syndrome: new insights into mechanisms of autoantibody diversification and disease pathogenesis. papers pdf, A zeaxanthin-independent nonphotochemical quenching mechanism localized in the photosystem II core complex. papers pdf, Thoracoabdominal asynchrony in acute upper airway obstruction in small children. papers pdf, Stress shifts the response of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis to an anxiogenic mode. papers pdf, Chemoreceptor nerve excitation may not be proportional to catecholamine secretion. papers pdf, Tactile perception in blind Braille readers: a psychophysical study of acuity and hyperacuity using gratings and dot patterns. papers pdf, Tumor-Associated Macrophages Contribute to Tumor Progression in Ovarian Cancer papers pdf, Randomized comparison of ultra-brief bifrontal and unilateral electroconvulsive therapy for major depression: clinical efficacy. papers pdf, Determination of glycoalkaloids and relative aglycones by nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis coupled with electrospray ionization-ion trap mass spectrometry. papers pdf, Renoprotective properties of angiotensin receptor blockers beyond blood pressure lowering. papers pdf, Unsafe abortion: global and regional incidence, trends, consequences, and challenges. papers pdf, Routing in frequency-hop packet radio networks with partial-band jamming papers pdf, Internet Versus Mailed Questionnaires: A Randomized Comparison papers pdf, Affinities of Phylacia and the daldinoid Xylariaceae, inferred from chemotypes of cultures and ribosomal DNA sequences. papers pdf, Outcome analysis of preoperative embolization with N-butyl cyanoacrylate in cerebral arteriovenous malformations. papers pdf, Determination of iron and copper in seawater at pH 1.7 with a new commercially available chelating resin, NTA Superflow papers pdf, Thalidomide Costimulates Primary Human T Lymphocytes , Preferentially Inducing Proliferation , Cytokine Production , and Cytotoxic Responses in the CD 8 1 Subset papers pdf, TLC and HPLC Analysis of Alkamides in Echinacea Drugs1,2. papers pdf, The Gross-zagier Formula on Singular Moduli for Shimura Curves papers pdf, papers pdf, Psychosocial treatment for opiate abuse and dependence. papers pdf, Transcript Dynamics at Early Stages of Molecular Interactions of MYMIV with Resistant and Susceptible Genotypes of the Leguminous Host, Vigna mungo papers pdf, Universal Entropy of Word Ordering Across Linguistic Families papers pdf, Instant images of the human heart using a new, whole-body MR imaging system. papers pdf, Is increased body mass index associated with the incidence of testicular germ cell cancer? papers pdf, CD95(APO-1/Fas)-mediated apoptosis: live and let die. papers pdf, Anterior dislocation of the hip and associated femoral-head fractures. papers pdf, Duration and Risk of Unemployment in Argentina papers pdf, Localization of protection-eliciting epitopes on PspA of Streptococcus pneumoniae between amino acid residues 192 and 260. papers pdf, Hierarchical parallel processing of large scale data clustering on a PC cluster with GPU co-processing papers pdf, A pattern system of underlying theories for process improvement papers pdf, Experimental validation of atomic force microscopy-based cell elasticity measurements. papers pdf, Long-term evolution is surprisingly predictable in lattice proteins. papers pdf, Monocular head pose estimation using generalized adaptive view-based appearance model papers pdf, Well-Water Consumption and Parkinson’s Disease in Rural California papers pdf, The GO model: a reconsideration of the role of structural units in guiding and organizing text on line. papers pdf, Cell cycle arrest enhances the in vitro cellular toxicity of the truncated Machado-Joseph disease gene product with an expanded polyglutamine stretch. papers pdf, Ex vivo evaluation of ADC values within spinal cord white matter tracts. papers pdf, The P2X7 receptor antagonist Brilliant Blue G attenuates contralateral rotations in a rat model of Parkinsonism through a combined control of synaptotoxicity, neurotoxicity and gliosis. papers pdf, Ensemble recordings of human subcortical neurons as a source of motor control signals for a brain-machine interface. papers pdf, The Spectrum of the Night Sky over Mount Hopkins and Kitt Peak : Changes after a Decade1 papers pdf, Characterization of an endo-processive-type xyloglucanase having a β-1,4-glucan-binding module and an endo-type xyloglucanase from Streptomyces avermitilis. papers pdf, Forgetting curves: implications for connectionist models. papers pdf, Protective effects of fangchinoline and tetrandrine on hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative neuronal cell damage in cultured rat cerebellar granule cells. papers pdf, Software testing fundamentals - methods and metrics papers pdf, G proteins and the heart. papers pdf, Regulation of cell volume in a human biliary cell line: activation of K+ and Cl- currents. papers pdf, Soap Optimization via Parameterized Client-side Caching papers pdf, Mutations in the vaccinia virus A33R and B5R envelope proteins that enhance release of extracellular virions and eliminate formation of actin-containing microvilli without preventing tyrosine phosphorylation of the A36R protein. papers pdf, Codes and Projective Multisets papers pdf, Pivotal role of reactive oxygen species as intracellular mediators of hyperthermia-induced apoptosis. papers pdf, Cellular prion protein modulates the intracellular calcium response to hydrogen peroxide. papers pdf, A data mining approach for retail knowledge discovery with consideration of the effect of shelf-space adjacency on sales papers pdf, Do female roe deer in good condition produce more sons than daughters papers pdf, Motion transparency promotes synchronous perceptual binding papers pdf, The effect of anatomical variation of the sural nerve on nerve conduction studies. papers pdf, Imaging distribution and frequency of cortical lesions in patients with multiple sclerosis. papers pdf, Removal of ammonia nitrogen from wastewater using an aerobic cathode microbial fuel cell. papers pdf, High temperature of forest fires under pines as a selective advantage over oaks papers pdf, Optimal Rectangle Packing: New Results papers pdf, Cross-talk between cellular signalling pathways suggested by phorbol-ester-induced adenylate cyclase phosphorylation papers pdf, Diurnal variation in the effect of chronic mild stress on sucrose intake and preference. papers pdf, Hypertriglyceridemic-waist phenotype and glucose intolerance among Canadian Inuit: the International Polar Year Inuit Health Survey for Adults 2007-2008. papers pdf, AP-1/c-Jun transcription factors: regulation and function in malignant melanoma. papers pdf, High Shear Rate Viscometry papers pdf, The treatment of adolescent anorexia nervosa: a qualitative study of the views of parents. papers pdf, Automatic position calibration and sensor displacement detection for networks of laser range finders for human tracking papers pdf, Full-thickness intraperitoneal excision by transanal endoscopic microsurgery does not increase short-term complications. papers pdf, Effective computation of biased quantiles over data streams papers pdf, THE CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN REAL ESTATE AND STOCK MARKETS by JOHN OKUNEV SCHOOL OF BANKING AND FINANCE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, SYDNEY papers pdf, Finite element estimates of interface stress in the trans-tibial prosthesis using gap elements are different from those using automated contact. papers pdf, PclA, a pneumococcal collagen-like protein with selected strain distribution, contributes to adherence and invasion of host cells. papers pdf, Pure amnesia after unilateral left polar thalamic infarct: topographic and sequential neuropsychological and metabolic (PET) correlations. papers pdf, Transport of cadmium across the apical membrane of epithelial cell lines. papers pdf, Executive functions and the down-regulation and up-regulation of emotion. papers pdf, Identification of genes that promote or inhibit olfactory memory formation in Drosophila. papers pdf, Climate change impacts and adaptation in South Africa papers pdf, Ecosystem Structure and Function Still Altered Two Decades After Short-Term Fertilization of a Seagrass 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